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Registration: 08.05.2024

Yury Ilyich


American Sign Language Mobile Applications

● Writing the code. ● Transferring the codebase to the server, writing CGIs to work with it, and creating a series of mobile apps that worked with the codebase. The code base analyzed the text, selected semantic units from it, then through a set of rules found a match in the database of gestures in the deaf language, cut out the necessary fragments from AVI on 1Gb, and glued into a new unique video.


Chief Delivery Officer.

BNB Bank

Head of Project Management Office.


Microsoft 365

Work experience

Head of Project Management Office
since 10.2023 - Till the present day |BNB Bank
C, C++, Python, Bash Shell, Android Studio, Docker, Gradle
Mozaiq OCR. Project Manager/Team Lead. ● Android Application for low-contrast thermal images optical character recognition of security printed labels. 3D object tracking for Daimler Corp. Project Manager. ● Develop a deep learning model for tracking packages inside the commercial vehicles. Turbine Labs Briefings. Project Manager. ● Turbine Intelligence Briefings are custom branded, custom curated, daily or weekly email briefings that deliver contextual, relevant news and social media content related to the brand, competitors or industry. Simple and highly effective, Turbine Intelligence Briefings are relied upon by brands and organizations with lists as small as 100 external subscribers and as large as 15,000 employee subscribers. Customer needs to ease information collection process with chrome extension and cloud database. Briefing editor will help end email document. Amba. Project Manager. ● Mobile service for families to communicate with their relatives who have dementia and to assist them in their daily activities.
Chief Delivery Officer
04.2023 - 10.2023 |OHI-s
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
● Writing a function for validation of phone numbers - unloading from MS SQL and checking for the existence of the country correctness of the entered number.
Head of Project Management Office
05.2022 - 01.2023 |Innowise Group
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
Head of Project Management Office / Presale Manager
06.2018 - 05.2022 |Indata Labs
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
Senior Project Manager
06.2016 - 06.2018 |ScienceSoft
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
Senior Software Engineer
08.2011 - 05.2016 |Professional Software Associates, Inc.
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application. Technical Coordinator, System Architect, Team Lead. ● The project entails the development of a new mobile application for Android and iOS platforms which will be used by the client’s employees in their peer-to-peer car sharing program. ● The application will allow an employee to browse available cars to book, request and confirm bookings, as well as provide feedback on booking experiences. ● The main objective is to better organize and formalize a car booking program designed to allow employees to utilize and experience the different vehicles that company owns and uses. InfoCenrte Mobile Barcoding. Technical Coordinator, System Architect. ● The primary objective for InfoCentre Mobile Barcoding project was to develop a mobile barcode reader application for iOS and Android platforms. ● The application was intended for scanning a defined QR code and obtaining information about physical object associated with this code. ● Along with the scanning function the application provides features of user’s authentication and server configuration. Dosimeter Mobile Application. Technical Coordinator. ● The project is to develop a mobile application on Android 4.3+ platforms to display the data received from a personal handheld dosimeter via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). ● The application allows controlling level of radiation and accumulated dose, and saving the data and route map of the device movements within preset periods of time with possibility to send the data to a remote server. ● In case if the preset limit of radiation is exceeded, the application initiates a sound alert. IP Intercom System Integration. Technical Coordinator, System Architect. ● The primary objective of the IP Intercom System Integration project was to integrate the client’s Intercom System into the Lenel OnGuard security system. ● The important aspect of the integration is in implemented possibility for the Intercom System to interface with OnGuard, including access control. ● The main aim was to develop software (Device Translator) that helps the series of customer’s Intercoms communicate with the OnGuard security system. ● The resulting system has flawlessly gone through the testing in order to make sure it fits all the requirements, and passed the certification. ● The client is a developer of a variety of products that range from simple do-it-yourself answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems. Interlocking System Support. Technical Coordinator, Senior Software Engineer. ● The primary objective for Interlocking SystemSupport project is to upgrade and maintain system software used in railroads used to manage and monitor computer-based interlocking control systems and rail mass transit wayside interlocking equipment. ● The software contains tools vital for development and compiling application logic, debugging the programs, and uploading firmware into hardware devices. ● The development system also contains tools required for field installation, system configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Support activities include implementation of new features, defect resolution, porting to Windows 7 platform, creating a compiler and reverse compiler for Object Controller board, and UI improvements. Union Pacific Pilot Development. Senior Software Engineer. ● The project is to continue actual implementation of Software Problem Report (SPR) within network traffic optimization system.
Senior Application Developer
01.2009 - 08.2011 |Signtel Inc.
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
Signtel Interpreter. Senior Software Developer. ● Patented technology for uniting the hearing with the deaf and hard of hearing communities. ● Recognizing and translating English speech and text into Sign Language. Bioscan NT. Senior Software Developer. ● Image analysis package that offers hundreds of high-performance image processing and measurements functions, built-in integrated development environment, database and spreadsheet support, and various graphic representation of output data. Clinical Trial Tracking system. Senior Software Developer, System Architect. ● Design and create secure web portal to support clinical trials. Ophthalmology Image Analyser. Senior Software Developer, System Architect. ● Image analysis tool that helps select vascular net from retina photo.
Senior Application Developer
09.1999 - 09.2011 |A&B Software
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
● Writing the code completely.
Senior Research Officer
01.1992 - 08.2011 |Belarussian State Medical University
C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, PHP, Perl, Kotlin, Flutter
Simulation Subsystem Design. System Architect, Senior Software Engineer. ● The Simulation Subsystem provides a complete environment for testing the dispatching system and for training personnel on how to use the system. ImageWarp. Team Lead. ● Full-scale image analysis package that offers hundreds of high-performance image processing and measurements functions, built-in integrated development environment, database and spreadsheet support, and various graphic representation of output data. ● A Photoshop-like multithreaded interface allows for simultaneous display of live video, static images, temporal and spatial sequences, charts and measurements for the rapid creation of custom applications and development of new imaging techniques. Active GigE. Team Lead. ● ActiveGigE is a universal SDK for GigE Vision industrial and scientific cameras. Just drop an ActiveGigE object on the surface of your application and get an immediate access and full control over multiple GigE Vision cameras. ● The application does not have to rely on a specific camera model - any GigE Vision™ compliant camera will work out-of-the-box in any popular development environment with an unsurpassed performance. Active DCAM. Team Lead. ● ActiveDcam is a component software solution designed to provide developers with an easy and efficient access to FireWire (IEEE-1394) digital cameras. With ActiveDcam your applicaton supports multiple DCAM-compliant cameras 'out-of-thebox'. ● ActiveDcam includes extensive documentation and source code samples for Visual C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Delphi and Matlab demonstrating live video capture, image data display and analysis, storing acquired images in different formats, full control over camera settings, and many more. GigESim. Team Lead. ● GigESim is combination of a GigE Vision software simulator, converter and server. A computer running GigESim presents itself to the network as a real GigE Vision camera with fully adjustable features. ● The simulator can be used for prototyping a GigE Vision camera as well as performing GigE application development when a camera is not available. GigESim can also convert cameras of different types (USB, 1394, CameraLink) into virtual GigE Vision cameras accessible from any computer on the network, with an ability of a full remote control over camera parameters. Finally, GigESim can be used as a GigE Vision server SDK allowing developers to stream images from their applications to multiple computers for distributed processing and surveillance.

Educational background

Belarussian State University