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Registration: 14.05.2024

Aleksandra Shumiakova


Mobile Testing
API Testing
Project management
Working with clients

Work experience

QA Engineer
03.2023 - 02.2024 |Qwer
Manual QA Engineer
02.2023 - 04.2024 |VseInstrumenty.ru
Jira, UI
● Conducting manual testing of the website in order to detect and register defects. ● Development of test scenarios and test cases based on functional requirements and user scenarios. ● Perform functional testing to verify that the product meets user specifications and expectations. ● Testing the user interface (UI) to ensure it is consistent with the design and a better user experience. ● Checking compatibility with various browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. ● Tracking, documenting and analyzing detected defects using error management/bug Tracking (Jira) tools.
Manual QA Engineer
01.2022 - 02.2023 |Apteka.ru
REST API, DevTools
● Manual testing of the system (functional, integration, regression). ● Testing of technical documentation (for completeness, clarity, clarity, consistency). ● Writing and maintaining test documentation: test cases, checklists. ● Working with the database. ● Using DevTools tools to localize defects. ● Testing the REST API. ° Interception of traffic and work with sniffers. ● Registration and monitoring of detected errors in the bug tracking system. ● Retest and defect correction control. ● Close interaction with the team: analysts.
Content Manager
08.2021 - 01.2022 |MediaHouse
CMS WordPress, Laravel
● Maintaining two sites on the WordPress CMS and one self-written site on Laravel. ● Creation and placement of content: articles, blogs, press releases, promotional materials. ● Optimize content using meta tags, descriptions, and keywords.
Project Manager
01.2021 - 08.2021 |Eva Corporation
CMS Bitrix
Working with CMS Bitrix. ● Project planning and management in accordance with business needs and company strategy. ● Allocation of tasks and resources within the project; ensuring their implementation and meeting deadlines. ● Monitoring the progress of the project, identifying and eliminating risks and obstacles. ● Ensuring effective communication between project participants, including clients and other stakeholders. ● Preparation and maintenance of project documentation, including plans, reports and analytics. ● Quality control of the project in accordance with the company's standards.
UX/UI Designer
03.2020 - 12.2020 |NDA
Working in tandem with a Front-End developer. ● Development of product functionality and its interface. ● Research of the target audience. ● Prototyping. ● Development of visual design. ● Creating a website design for the project.

Educational background

Economy (Bachelor’s Degree)
2016 - 2020
St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics