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Registration: 21.02.2024

Jurij Cvikl


Own agency

Marcelino d.o.o., as of 3.7.2023, has received the ISO 9001 certificate for the quality management system we have implemented. We are certified for the business area of digital product development.

AI traffic recognition

Monitoring and counting traffic with artificial intelligence on the Nvidia Jetson supercomputer.And analytics.


Digital transformation
Process management
Project management

Work experience

Project manager
Project management
● We have also developed a hand-held phone for relatives to call immobile patients in hospital or nursing home and communicate with them without the disabled or patients operating the phone. ● We also carry out international market research and report systems such as Excel automation or reports with Looker Studio and connectors. For example, in the major food industries and for creative agencies, we have set up an ISO standards and complaints management system with our own Wordpress software. Such a document and task system works extremely well in an intranet. ● I have spent the last few years working on EU projects and co-funding. ● I could also be an excellent liaison person, if necessary between project units. A current project: We are currently developing an autonomous wheelchair robot for people who are unable to use wheelchairs themselves. Here we are looking for a partner with similar technology.
Project manager
● I also have a cyber security/security team in the company (led by aCEH engineer from Serbia, with penetration testers from Egypt and Pakistan). Recently, my cybersecurity colleague from Serbia and I have been working on writing sensor drivers for our own Linux to secure data transmission from IoT devices. ● The head of the administrators is a licensed Red Hat instructor. ● Of the cloud providers, I have deployed Linux servers on all the major providers: Amazon EC2 and S3, Digital Ocean with Kubernetes, Hosteurope - Hetzner - Contabo - Leaseweb in Europe, Yandex and Alibaba.
Project manager
Digital strategy, Digital competences, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing
Digital strategy: ● Digitalisation stocktaking. ● Preparation of a roadmap for the development of companies' digital capabilities. ● Preparation of a company strategy for digital transformation. Digital competences: ● Online presence. ● Digital marketing. ● Digital marketing. ● Digital consumer experience. ● Cyber security. ● Automation and robotics. ● Digital interaction with suppliers. ● Mobile solutions. ● Effective use of digital technologies. ● Digital business models. ● Digitisation of processes. ● ndustry 4.0. ● Open source cloud computing. ● Calculating the ROI of digitisation. ● Digital brand value assessment. ● Blockchain in business. Cybersecurity: ● Penetration test. ● System security review. Digital Marketing: ● Website development (including testing). ● Mobile app development (including testing). ● Online shop development. ● Booking platform development.
since 01.2009 - Till the present day |Marcelino d.o.o.
Project management
More than 100 e-shops, websites and mobile apps per year.
Product Manager
01.2007 - 12.2008 |Merkur d.d.
Head Of Sales And Purchasing Department
Developing brands, turnover 100+ mio eur for chemical goods and home colours
Project manager
01.2000 - 01.2007 |Merkur d.d.
Head of projects B2B / B2C for Marketing - IT - Sales department
Development of e-shops, intranet, B2B in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, BiH and North Macedonia.

Educational background

Master of Business Studies (Bachelor’s Degree)
since 2006 - Till the present day
Faculty of Economics in Maribor

Additional education

since 10.2023 - Till the present day
Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics in Ljubljana


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